How to buy anti-collision shock package - air bubble - bubble bags
How to buy anti-collision shock package - air bubble - bubble bags

Weight (1) products

When you purchase, the seller should consult the weight of products, the width of the same length, different weights, the heavier the weight, the better. Generally, the purchase of plastic materials is by weight, of course, we sell by volume, is for the greater profit figure. It boils down to: the same unit, the heavier the product, the more excellent quality.

Color (2) of products

Generally speaking, we common market bubble film material, said from the plastic materials can be divided into: new materials, new materials, ordinary materials. Called a sub-price goods, different materials, of course, the purchase will be different, it is easy to understand. For the first time, the purchase of a seller's products, we can not see the real thing, this time, we have to consult the buyer of raw materials products, from the raw materials, and we can determine the color of the product. The new material is the most advanced materials, so the bubble film produce is also white, transparent, and free of impurities.

Of course, the product of demanding users, suggested the use of new materials products, and the use of new materials is less demanding products can, could save the province well! Want to use a very low price to buy new material products, is impossible, from the seller's price marked, the basic raw material products can be judged, of course, there are some profits seller.

Attributed to: higher requirements, with new material products; less demanding, with new material products;

The thickness (3) of products

Bubble film thickness units of product: silk or C, which is a smaller unit, not with special calipers, we draw the amount is difficult. Bubble film product is not thicker the better? This was according to their demands, the thicker the more hard, soft and vice versa. It was packaged product according to the user's own point of view, if some of the more expensive and delicate products, the product should not be selected too thick, because the thickness, the product is easy to scratch you; Conversely, bubble film thickness of the product is too thin, soft, relatively speaking, the bubble is also easier to break, will not have the appropriate anti- pressure effect.

Boils down to: a thickness of about 6-7 silk products, is the most suitable for our use, regardless of any type of user. First, soak toughness stronger; second, the cost is relatively low.

(4) a bubble toughness

There are air bubbles, physics point of view, not the air inside is more full as possible, no flexible space too full, it will also cause bubbles and break. This simple, we can imagine was out, too, such as a balloon full of little applied a little pressure Afterburner, it will break up. In general, the air bubble inside a bubble accounted for about 4 minutes 3 is ideal.

What factors determine the bubble toughness it? Back to the front, a raw product is a product of the thickness. Therefore, the bubble toughness demanding user, you should know what type of product the better bubble toughness.

Boils down to: the higher the toughness required to bubble, use new materials products; moderate product thickness, so that the bubble would be ideal toughness.

Industry tricky:

A confusing concept - " new" and “new material”

NEW: product attributes, refers product is not used;

New material: it is the product attributes, but refers to the manufacture of raw material products.

Some sellers stealing turn phoenix, in order to confuse the concept of the product before buying, pay attention to consulting product manufacturing raw materials, which the seller does not give any chance to muddle through it. If this does not give you the answer, do not buy these product recommendations.

Second, the product length

Many users say, how do I know whether the product is full length ah, yes, this in layman's terms, it is difficult to know, I can not be a bubble film to pull out the entire volume measure.

There is no way to know the length of the amount of product it?

The answer is: yes.

6 thick wire products 1 square weighs 0.06kg

7 1 square silk thick product weighs 0.07kg

And so on....

7 thick silk products, width 60cm, length of 100m, for example, then a volume weight of 0.07kg x 60 squared = 4.2kg

Of course, the bubble film products for foam products, in the production process, inevitably there will be little promise parameter error, resulting in weight will have little error ( + -0.2 ), but the error is too large, compared unusual phenomenon.

You just emphasize the weight of the product, so you buy the product basic deviation will not be big.

Simply comes down, we want to help you buy products, lack of the future will gradually update also hope to get the user's correction, joint research